Commercial Trash Cleanup Houston

Commercial Trash Cleanup Houston

Trash N Dash is the leading junk removal company in the Houston Area. We want to make sure every customer is satisfied with our service. We provide top valet trash and recycling, bulk trash removal, dumpster rental, among other services. Why should you choose us?

  • SAFE

Trash N Dash prides itself with an ideal organizational format, in which you would know exactly when we’re performing our service, you would get a phone confirmation 15 – 30min before your time slot, so there is no possibility for any kind of mishaps. Every single one of our employees wears a recognizable uniform. Owners, trucks, and employees are licensed and insured for your tranquility.

At the same time, on our page you can review our service areas on our page, so you know exactly where we work.

If there is the need for a special arrangement in which you are unable to be there physically during the pick-up, it’s viable because of our safety measures and communication service.


If you decide to use our service, our top of the line communication channels will be available to you for booking, inquiries, and confirmation. Our system includes the possibility of choosing your preferable schedule. When, and when it’s finally booked, the full-service junk removal and hauling will arrive at your home. 15 to 30 min before your comprehended time slot; our, our drivers will call you to confirm, as our drivers are prepared for events as traffic or any situation in the previous jobs.

Even though our clients should be able to be in their homes when the service is provided, this is unnecessary. We accept credit cards as a form of payment, so after measuring the trash pickup and recycling space, we can call you, confirm with you the agreed price and proceed to collect.


Trash N Dash will examine every single item that is cluttering your house and space. Our team looks forward to keeping the communities and neighborhoods clean, our policy is to recycle and donate as much as possible.

We know that routine can make continuing these habits somewhat difficult., so wWe offer to do it for you, referring your waste to thrift stores, charitable organizations, non-profit housing programs, metal recyclers, wood recyclers, electronics, and computer recyclers, glass and bottle depots, etc. In this practice, we care for our environmental habits, as well as our community bonds.


Unlike services with limited options for items in reusable conditions, we can take care of those things before they end being unwanted trash, which takes space, or is difficult for you to dispose of on your own. (ex: mattresses or things that can’t be resold or donated).

The infrastructure does not limit us, since w. We can provide our full-service junk removal and haul at your home, school, or company. We can do this without your physical being there, and (with a prior agreement) can work after hours if needed.


The price of your pick-up will solely be based on the space it takes up in your trunk, so it’s an alternative against a dumpster or roll-off bin, which you pay even if you use it to the fullest or if you couldn’t fill it.

As you assemble the junk you want us to, you can get an estimate of the price following these simple instructions, and then arrange accordingly with us at the final haul:

  • Place it in a neat stack
  • Measure the length, width, and height in feet.
  • Then multiply the three measurements ( L x W x H = cubic feet)
  • Lastly, divide the cubic feet by 27 (cubic feet ÷27 = cubic yards)
  • The pictures below are examples of precisely 1 cu. yd.

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Commercial Trash Cleanup Houston

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