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What is a builder's warranty inspection?

A builder’s warranty inspection is a detailed home inspection of your newly built home done before the warranty expires.  Builders typically give a new home a 12-month warranty the covers defects in material and workmanship. Any issues that arise after this 12-month period now fall on the homeowner to repair or replace out of pocket. Not having your new home inspected before the warranty expires could unnecessarily cost the homeowner thousands if not tens of thousands dollars when these issues become known problems at a later date.  

Why get a builder's warranty inspection?

If you’ve already found several small issues in your newly built home, you probably already know the hassle it can be scheduling the builder to come look at it and ultimately return to repair it later. Save yourself the time and frustration of having to take off work repeatedly by having one full report showing all the issues that need to be corrected. Save yourself time and money by ensuring that the builder pays and repairs your issues on their dime not yours.

What We Inspect During a Builder's Warranty Inspection



Additional features included in an inspection

Sleep in Absolute Peace Knowing Your New Home Is Safe and Right For You!

Buying a home can be stressful, especially with the short inspection period during closing. That’s why we guarantee your full inspection report within 24 hours of inspection or your money back. 

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