Residential Home Inspections

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Residential Home Inspections

A home inspection is a noninvasive examination of a homes overall condition. It is a non-exhaustive inspection of the homes electrical, plumbing, structural, and HVAC systems as well as any healthy or safety issues. A simpler way of thinking about it is like going to the doctor to get a physical done to check your overall wellbeing but for a house.

Why should you get a home inspection?

You probably spent months looking for that perfect home and you finally found it! Problem is we are all guilty of ignoring the flaws of a home when we finally find the right one. That’s where a home inspector comes in to provide an unbiased report of the overall condition of the home. Sometimes our reports confirm that your prospective home is the one and other times it helps you avoid a nightmare.

What We Inspect During A Home Inspection



Additional Features Included In A Home Inspection

What a Home Inspection is

A home inspector’s job is to find defects in a home focusing first on the health and safety concerns followed by major defects. There are seven major defects that we look for. 

What a Home Inspection isn't

A Home Inspectors job isn’t to comment or inspect the interior, exterior design, or decorations that do not pose a safety hazard.

Sleep in Absolute Peace Knowing Your New Home Is Safe and Right For You!

Buying a home can be stressful, especially with the short inspection period during closing. That’s why we guarantee your full inspection report within 24 hours of inspection or your money back. 

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