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We provide a wide variety of home inspection services to the Punta Gorda community. Below is a sample of some of the services we get called out for on a regular basis.  To find out all the services we provide check our home inspection services page.

Residential Home Inspection

A home inspection is a noninvasive visual inspection that identifies health, safety, or major mechanical issues in accordance to the state of Florida standards. We look for things that are significantly deficient, unsafe, near the end of the service life, or not functioning properly inside and outside of the home. 

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Commonly called the 11th month inspection on a newly built home before your 12 month builders warranty expires. This is the time we find any defects that may have arose during the last 11 months of living in your newly built home while it’s still covered by the builders warranty. Costing you nothing to repair and ensuring a trouble free home for years to come. 

Pre-listing Home Inspection

A pre-listing inspection, typically paid for by the seller or listing agent, is an inspection documenting the home’s overall safety, condition, and material defects before the home is under contract. This gives the buyer time to shop for the best pricing of repairs needed, saving the seller money while leading to shorter closing times and higher sale prices.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is when a certified inspector checks your home’s wind-resistant features. These features can be anything from door/window coverings to the way your roof is attached to your home to how your roof is sealed to prevent water from entering. Great way to save money on your windstorm insurance.

4 Point Inspection

Required by insurance companies when insuring a home over 40 years or a rental home over 30 years old.  The inspections are only focused on the 4 major systems that insurance companies want to know about. The inspection is an examination of these four major systems roof, plumbing, electrical, and the HVAC and heating system. 

FAQ For Punta Gorda Home Inspections

When buying a home in Punta Gorda FL a home inspection is only required if you’re financing the home through a VA or FHA loan. They will require a copy of the inspection report to verify the home is safe and to their lending standards.

This is not a requirement for conventional loans or cash buyers but is always recommended because a home inspection can save you thousands in unexpected repairs or protect you from unnoticed safety defects. It’s also a great negotiating tool to lower the price of the home, even on “as is offers”.

Wind mitigation inspections are not required in Punta Gorda Florida, however having a recent one can save you money on your windstorm insurance. A wind mitigation report is done typically by a state licensed home inspector and verify what protective measures have been installed on your home. Each protective feature we can find and verify gives you a discount on your insurance.  Without this report you can still get windstorm insurance, but you will be charged the full price of the policy and not receive any available discounts.

A 4 point inspection is a small snap shot of the homes condition and systems for the insurance company. The insurance company is looking for any possible hazards that could damage the home or increase the chances of an insurance claim. This inspection looks at the roof, plumbing, HVAC system, and electrical to ensure there are no hazards or defective materials that will prevent them from insuring your home or require repairs.

Most people think that a home inspection is unnecessary on a new construction home but you’d be surprised what we typically find. Not all builders or their subcontractors are equal and we’re here to find those mistakes and have them corrected by the builder. We often find roofing, electrical, plumbing and a whole lot of cosmetic deficiencies that most buyers will miss, sometimes we even find homes with no insulation in the attic! Let us help ensure you’re getting the new home you paid for and deserve.

An 11th month warranty inspection is preformed on your new construction home before the 1 year builders warranty expires. Now that the home has been lived in and weathered some defects will begin to show that weren’t there during the original new construction inspection. This is when roof leaks, window leaks, settled pavers, defective breakers, stucco cracks, nail pops, and drywall cracks start to appear in the home and are still covered under the builders warranty.

Sleep in Absolute Peace Knowing Your New Home Is Safe and Right For You!

Buying a home can be stressful, especially with the short inspection period during closing. That’s why our Punta Gorda home inspectors guarantee your full inspection report within 24 hours of inspection or your money back. 

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying
I highly recommend CMP for all your Home Inspection needs. Chris is the most on point home inspector I have ever had, his reports are through and even provides what the standards are, and he always responds. Home buyers, this guy won’t miss a thing.
Carlos Fernandez
Communicating with Chris was easy and coordinating the inspection was straight forward, despite me being in a different state/timezone of where the actual home requiring the inspection was. He was at the property ahead of time. He was polite and carried out his inspection without trouble. He highlighted the issues he found to the contractor that was simultaneously carrying out the walkthrough of the home. The high quality report was provided the same day and was complete with pictures and details. I would highly recommend Chris to a friend.
Susana Contrera
Chris responded overnight to do a time sensitive home inspection for us. I am an architect. Chris documented the most through report I've seen to-date, with clear language and photos. I highly recommend his services
Chris Barriscale
Chris was able to provide us with a home inspection in less than 48 hours after going under contract! His report was thorough and easy to read. 10/10 would recommend!
Rich Scafidi

We care about the Punta Gorda community so if your postcode is located in Punta Gorda you qualify for our 10% discount on all home inspection services when you use offer code Punta10 when scheduling an inspection.


Hi, my name is Chris and I started my own home inspection company several years ago from my home in Bokeelia just a short distance from Punta Gorda. With over 14 years of experience in the trades and having grown up with a master carpenter as a father, I have more hands on experience and knowledge than most home inspectors. Allowing me to give you the most detailed and in-depth inspection report possible. Giving you full understanding of the condition of your new home. 

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