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Home Inspection Pine Island FL

Don’t wait until after you’ve purchased a new home to discover any issues with the construction or major appliances! Schedule a thorough home inspection with us today so you will have the knowledge you need to negotiate and feel confident when you sign for your new home. Our home inspections cover the interior and exterior of each home for a thorough understanding of all systems and the home. Outside we will review the grading, drainage and all areas from the roof to the foundation. Inside we review each room, from the basement to the attic. In addition, we will inspect major home appliances to make sure they are working properly. Often there are concerns that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Having a professional perform your inspection could save you time and money on your home.

Radon Inspection

Radon is an invisible, carcinogenic gas that can be present in any home no matter the age of the home. It causes roughly 21,000 cases of lung cancer each year. We provide radon inspections so you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected against this invisible intruder. As certified home inspectors, we strongly encourage you to test for radon in your home for you and your family’s protection.

Wind Mitigation

With the local weather, Florida homes need to be built to withstand the heavy storms our local weather can bring.  Our wind mitigation inspections, meet the standards that are required to be renewed every five years to continue receiving your windstorm credits. We will check the wind resistance of the home through documentation and photographs of the roof decking, shutters, windows, doors, garage doors, and all sides of the home and any documentation or permits confirming the age of the roof and decking. Not only will you be able to rest easy knowing your home is safe but you can also save money on your windstorm insurance with our wind mitigation inspection.

Things to do in Pine Island, Florida

  • Visit the shops of Matlacha
  • Go fishing from the Bokeelia fishing pier
  • Do the Saint James bar crawl.

Transport & Transit Infrastructure

Pine Island is located on the far west side of Lee county with I-75 being about 30 minutes away and Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) being about 45 minutes away. 

Schooling and Education

Pine Island is in the Lee county School District and has one Elementary school on island.  


Summers are typically humid with spotty rain with temperatures average around 95. While the winters are typically dry with an average temperature in the mid 70’s . June- September are known as the rainy season since 68% of the areas rainfall happens during this time.

Sleep in Absolute Peace Knowing Your New Home Is Safe and Right For You!

Buying a home can be stressful, especially with the short inspection period during closing. That’s why we guarantee your full inspection report within 24 hours of inspection or your money back. 

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